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Post  holyr on Thu Apr 09, 2009 1:20 pm

[center]Character Name & Level: Holyr 80
Race & Class: Death Knight Tauren
Spec: Blood
Are you willing to respec?: of course
Professions & levels: Engineer(450have repair bot Wink / mining450
Armory Link (log out in PVE gear):

Previous Guilds: No MaaM
What made you leave?: Schedules always collided so hardly mad runs
Did you level your character yourself? lvl 80 than switched to dk

Previous raid experience: Everything up to Naxx n maly really
Other notable accomplishments:Researched DKs, Dps, & Gear

RL Age: 19
Location: Olympia, WA
What are your RL obligations?: Working! trying to save up some money. than go back to school in the fall
Normal times/days you play: Sun, mon, wed, thur= morning till 5:30 ST/ Tues, sat= will get home at 6pm st Friday is my day off! Smile
Do you like crude and vulgar humor (for your own safety too, ya know): haha of course. "" buddy sent me it from NITF

Do you know anyone in NITF?: haha good old my name from his toon
Tell us about you, & why you want to be in NITF: aside from hitting 80 n getting spam to apply for guild lol i just want to play the game, get better, hit harder n still be able to talk to good people! Smile

What raids are you needing atm, gear wise: still have crafted epics, Heroic items, heroes scrougeborn chest+ hand peices Sad
To make sure you read the instructions, when are our raid times scheduled?: yea saw them mon/fri- off tues/wed naxx 25 thurs/ vault/os weekend/ 10m naxx 1+2 sat 3 on sun n 25 maly on sunday
Do you have vent, a mic, & the listed required mods?: have mic n will get mods after i send this baby off
End Game Goals: be happy with what i have done to my toons! Be the Strongest dps in the game xD lol

If you have anything additional to add, this is where you do so: im a good guy (ladies man xp) haha. prolly not as expierenced as other applicants but every1s gotta start somewhere n im hoping to start that with this guild..if not cuz u prolly have tons of dks, thank you for even reading this Very Happy.


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