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Post  Temptations on Wed Mar 18, 2009 6:11 am

Character Name & Level: Temptations, level 80.
Race & Class: Blood Elf Paladin.
Spec: Holy & Ret
Are you willing to respec?: Yes.
Professions & levels: 360 Enchanting/350 JC.
Armory Link (log out in PVE gear): http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Chromaggus&n=Temptations


Previous Guilds: None on this server. Used to play on Zuluhed.
What made you leave?: The server was no longer able to maintain guilds who were trying to progress. It really just got old and I didn't feel the connection there anymore! Sad
Did you level your character yourself? Yep.


Previous raid experience: I started the game in BC, and I cleared everything from Kara - Sunwell. I've fought KJ but never downed him unfortunately.. haha.
Other notable accomplishments: Well, I'm a big PvP player thats for sure! Me and Ayashii just hit 2k rating in 2's last week. I'm rather proud of that Very Happy Love you man.


RL Age: 17
Location: Southern California!
What are your RL obligations?: As of now, I'm a student of course Smile I work very hard at it, and I manage to be successful at balancing school and spending time on my hobbies (WoW). I'm currently pushing my GPA as high as I could get it so I'll be accepted into a well-rounded college.

Normal times/days you play: Monday - Friday : 3:25 PM - 11:00 PST. I'm usually free on weekends.
Do you like crude and vulgar humor (for your own safety too, ya know): Lol I kind of have to.. I play with Ayashii after all..

Joking bro, haha.

Do you know anyone in NITF?: I know Ayashii!
Tell us about you, & why you want to be in NITF: One of the most prominent characteristics that I possess is determination. I'm a hard worker and I always strive to do my best no matter what the situation is. Whether it be school, sports, or gaming; I always try and be someone people could rely on. In addition, I'm not some stuck up person who thinks that they are better then everyone else. I take criticism well and I learn from my mistakes. I feel as if there is always stuff to learn, no matter what the situation is. I can assure you that I will always try my best when raiding with you guys. I'm a team player and a raider. To me, a raider is not someone who joy rides and pull shit out of their ass when trying to progress. A raider is someone who is with the 24 other players that want to succeed just as much as you do; and who are there for every single moment of disaster and triumph. In addition, NITF seems like a very well rounded guild. If half of the members are as likable as Ayashii I'm sure you guys would be a great place for me Very Happy I really appreciate how helpful and active the guild seems to be as well. What can I say, you guys are a family! Hopefully I get to be a part of it soon Smile

What raids are you needing atm, gear wise: Well, this is my situation. I currently have been raiding as Ret for majority of my WoTLK experience. My ret gear consists of 4/5 T7.5 in contrast of my holy gear which is only 1 piece T7. However, my holy gear is fully epic and enchanted with what I could afford. I am currently sitting at around 2150 bonus healing unbuffed. I am willing to raid as ret as you guys prefer, but I really enjoy healing as well. Furthermore, I have a close to full epic prot set as well, around 28000 hp unbuffed and in holy spec. Although I'm not crazy about tanking, if the guild needs one in case of an emergency I'll be there for you guys! Of course I need any upgrades that would help my overall performance Smile

To make sure you read the instructions, when are our raid times scheduled?: Of course.
Do you have vent, a mic, & the listed required mods?: Yep! Pally power ftw.
End Game Goals: Hmm, my end game goals is really to see what the game has to offer with the people I enjoy playing with. Of course, I would love to see uldaur and eventually pwn the shit out of Arthas for being such a dick lol. Other then that my goals are to have fun and enjoy my time playing this game!

If you have anything additional to add, this is where you do so: I feel pretty confident with my application atm. Although I'm already in the guild, I have to apply to raid with you guys so this is why I did it! I would like to just take this time to thank you for taking the time and reading through this app. Hopefully it appeals to you and I'll be able to join you guys in the near future and we could all continue to progress :] Have a good one.



P.S; Me > Ayashii.

Sorry man, It's true.


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Post  Trucidare on Wed Mar 18, 2009 4:25 pm

Certainly works out for me. Well take you to our next naxx. And yes, you > Ayashii

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