EZmode applying for guild-ship =)

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EZmode applying for guild-ship =) Empty EZmode applying for guild-ship =)

Post  Chillbane on Tue Mar 03, 2009 12:29 am

Hey there, i'm Chillbane and im one of the million Male Blood Elf Deathknights who currently clog up the banks, inns, and the local farming zone Near You!

Character Name & Level: Chillbane - 80
Race & Class: Blood Elf (Oh yeah baby, i'm not Self-Conscious at all!) Death Knight
Spec: Blood, currently a 'Disease Free' spec.
Are you willing to respec?: Yes, Tank especially.
Professions & levels: JC 420 Blacksmithing 450
Armory Link (log out in PVE gear): http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Chromaggus&n=Chillbane

Previous Guilds: None you'd know of. Literally, i'll explain why down below.
What made you leave?: Explained below.
Did you level your character yourself?: No, I paid some chinese dood to level it. And instead of paying in cash, (Or gold), but in Rice.
But seriousely.... Yes.

Previous raid experience: Up to t5 raid content, IRONICALLY I actually led a guild named <Not In The Face> on Kilrogg on my rogue and led through to TK by myself (Had two officers but they bailed after some girl drama within the guild) Pugged BT. And now, i've completed alot today. 10/25 Naxx, 10/25 Maly, 10/25 OS, 10/25 Vault, And OS (Heroic ONLY) 1-2 drakes. Haven't downed 3D Sarth on Heroic, or 1-3D Sarth on Regular
Other notable accomplishments:

RL Age: 18
Location: British Columbia, Canada.
What are your RL obligations?: Currently unemployed, currently on the 'job search' so that's my only obligation as of right now.
Normal times/days you play: Too much. Literally I can make every raid at ANY time as of right now.
Do you like crude and vulgar humor (for your own safety too, ya know): Yes. I'm very sarcastic and demented, this leads to quite some funny shit =D

Do you know anyone in NITF?: Nope.
Tell us about you, & why you want to be in NITF: I love to raid, however (To be 100% honest) this current raid content is boring as shit. However, i've been reading up on Ulduar and watching vids (like iron council, LOL @ Stunnable and silencable bosses XD Rogues useful now wut? Razz). Pre-wotlk I was in a guild that was aimed to 'down everything before blizz took the nerf bat to it' but the guild fell apart, but the mentality stuck with me.
I want to join NITF Because I feel you guys have the exact same mentality as I do.

What raids are you needing atm, gear wise: I am sick of my 'disease free' spec, and I still need t7/7.5 chest, legs (esp), and SIGIL!! Weeks and weeks this Sigil of Awareness that drops off of 25man Heigan, has eluded me! Once I have it, I can switch from 51/0/20 to 51/13/7 (Which I was before, definetly more fun, but more reliant on gear and that SIGIL!)
To make sure you read the instructions, when are our raid times scheduled?: 6:30 - 10:30 PM Tuesday-Thurs, 5:30 - 9:30 Sat/sun
Do you have vent, a mic, & the listed required mods?: Yes I do.
End Game Goals: To see all of the content as they release it. And after that, PVP my ass off and hit 2.5k rating in 2's Very Happy

If you have anything additional to add, this is where you do so:

So I am a brand new transfer to this server, that's why you wouldn't know any of my older guilds.
I come from the server Kilrogg which is HUGE on PVE, but has 0 pvp. Which is why me and a friend xferred here today.
Kilrogg is 'one of those servers' who seems purely dedicated to PVE, and has transferrers to it that reflect that. With the 28th and 78th ranked guilds in the USA on that server (One for ally, one horde) it's no wonder people flock for PVE. Personally I was in the #11 Horde Ranked PVE Progression guild on the server (The #78th being the #1st horde ranked on kilrogg obv) but with the boring content today, raiding without a tad of PVP just wasn't enough to keep me. We would loose ALL bg's except AV (Srsly, religiously we'd lose them) And then we'd lose WG everytime because ally outnumbered us 3:1 (yet in WG it was 10-15:1... odd how that works)

So we decided it was a switch.

So i'm here and looking for a new guild. My DPS gear makes me worthwhile in 25's, but my tank gear can allow me to tank 10's and maybe OT 25's. BUT if you're interested in a DK tank I CAN take on that role, but my gear isnt THAT great for Tanking. Still building it up (on the side)
However I have plenty of experience tanking as a Frost DK. Love it actually.

That's about it. I've raided and got 3/5 Val as a Dwarf Holy Priest on Winterhoof before I was hacked and lost my account... Raided all content with that, including 3D sarth BUT never downed them. Only ever downed 2 between my dk and my old priest.

So yeah, that's about it. I really don't want to be warming the benches, so if you can't offer me a raid spot, please just say so. I don't want to be a stand-in or a on-call raider. Please keep this in mind. I'm not trying to be rude, I just want to be useful not useful IF someone else doesnt show.




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EZmode applying for guild-ship =) Empty Re: EZmode applying for guild-ship =)

Post  Deathfathom on Tue Mar 03, 2009 2:33 pm

application looks alright to me. Seems as though you just need a solid guild I'll talk to the other officers and possibly send you a ginvite tonight Wink.

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EZmode applying for guild-ship =) Empty Re: EZmode applying for guild-ship =)

Post  Syya on Wed Mar 04, 2009 5:16 am

I know I have no room to speak in the app section but holmez...this cracked me up. Lol

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EZmode applying for guild-ship =) Empty Re: EZmode applying for guild-ship =)

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