Renath 80 combat rouge (raid spec) app

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Renath 80 combat rouge (raid spec) app Empty Renath 80 combat rouge (raid spec) app

Post  renath on Thu Feb 19, 2009 5:13 pm

Character Name & Level:renath, 80
Race & Class: blood elf, male, rogue
Spec:combat raid
Are you willing to respec?:if needed yes
Professions & levels: mining, engineering 450 in each
Armory Link (log out in PVE gear): please ino that i dont have full epics or t7 but give me a chance im going to be vigorusly doing heroics so please give me a chance, oh and ps this is my gear
please dont judge the pvp stuff its not my fault it was better then the gear i had before.. trust me.

Previous Guilds:rage, aria gloris, raidiologists,
What made you leave?: every one was a higher level than me ( at the time i was in 70s) aand
it didnt benifit me to be in a raiding guild at the time.
Did you level your character yourself?absolutly, (a painful 33 days XD)

Previous raid experience:just hitting 80 on feb 16 ive done, 25m OS, 10m OS, 10m Vault, 25m Vault, and a bit of naxx(didnt go so well)
Other notable accomplishments:i know how to play my class 33 days of the same thing does wonders lol

RL Age:16
Location:wellond, ON, canada
What are your RL obligations?:lets just say im one mello dood.
Normal times/days you play:every day of week
Do you like crude and vulgar humor (for your own safety too, ya know): ABso freaking lutly( ill keep it clean for tha kids tho )

Do you know anyone in NITF?:nope
Tell us about you, & why you want to be in NITF: because i really like being part of a team
and i feel like i have something to offer by joining wether its helping newbys or raiding with the big guys

What raids are you needing atm, gear wise: like every thing with just hitting 8 im not fully geard
To make sure you read the instructions, when are our raid times scheduled?: monday is off, tuesday to thurday is between 6:#0 server time and 10:30 server time, friday off
saturday and sunday is 10m naxx saturday 1,2 groups sunday 3 group
Do you have vent, a mic, & the listed required mods?: yes exept big wig id like to ask somone what that is
End Game Goals:killing the lichking then doing it all over again on a deathknight

If you have anything additional to add, this is where you do so:
ino dps is really strapped lately cuzz theres so many dk's but i promis you ill do watever i can to bring my self up to be the best rogue on the server.


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Renath 80 combat rouge (raid spec) app Empty Re: Renath 80 combat rouge (raid spec) app

Post  phalax on Fri Feb 20, 2009 7:23 pm

Ok hmm, we actually only take ppl with 10m naxx gear, let me see wut i can do.

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